I have experience.
I have awards.
I have accolades.
I have a husband as second shooter.
I have shortcomings, inadequacies, and the gene of original sin.
I have a vision.
I have a passion.
I have more lights than I can carry.
I have two kids and live comfortably and happily within my means because I have a job I love and am blessed to get paid for it.
I have relatable tastes, I have eclectic hobbies, I have sexy fonts,  I have affirming pull-quotes about my photography but they’re not here. You won’t read them. You’re not here to buy a friend. You have enough of those. They’ll be standing by you at your wedding.
You’ll have pictures taken standing with all them and you’ll cherish those pictures in an album that you look at less and less each year because you’d rather look at the pictures on your walls. Your friends will come over, they’ll say, “That’s beautiful. What is it?” You’ll answer, that’s fine art. That’s an investment we made with increasing value. That’s our wedding day.”
If that’s what you want then let’s do this. That’s what I want. Common interest, maybe we could be friends.
I have few availabilities but I’m open.